Your Look!

We are always willing to help provide some guidance around what we recommend. Clothing can make a huge impact of the photos. Once you have selected your outfits, make sure you prepare them in advance and have them ready to go the night before. Get items laundered, ironed and anything else that may be needed.

Tips for General Portrait Sessions:

  1. Solid colors are better - avoid patterns, logos, graphics and illustrations
  2. Simple is better!
  3. If possible, remove lenses from your glasses
  4. Wear clothes that give you confidence and comfort
  5. Definitely DO NOT wear outfits you would be afraid to get dirty. This is very important because if you are not willing to sit down on rocks, benches, etc. you are more likely to miss out on some great shots
  6. Wear reasonably fitted clothes
  7. Do not over accessorise
  8. Avoid undergarments being visible - we do not go out of the way to remove those from being visible in the final photos
  9. Mind the neckline - as stated above in #8, we will capture the photos as they are
  10. For family/group sessions, match the formality - ex. if one person is in a suit and the other person is wearing a t-shirt and jeans...thematically it would't appear cohesive
  11. For family/group sessions, use a similar color palette
  12. Shave the night before - helps prevent photos from capturing irritated skin and redness
  13. Keep your pockets empty of items
  14. Do not eat foods that may cause coloring around the mouth

Gathering your props!

If using props for your sessions, have them prepared and ready to go a few days before the session.

Recommended Props:

  1. Blankets for seated photos
  2. Flowers - especially recommended for bridal sessions
  3. Child's favorite toy if you want that captured
  4. Seasonal Items - Pumpkins, Wreaths, etc.
  5. Hats
  6. Items that are meaningful to your shoot:
  7. Engagement: Bring the RING! and items that are meaningful to the relationship, flowers
  8. Bridal: Rings, Bouquet (even if you don't have one, any flowers make the photos pop), scents, jewelry, shoes, veils
  9. Maternity: Baby clothes, shoes, blankets, ultrasounds, Signs
  10. Birthdays: Cake, Banners, Balloons
  11. Graduations/Senior Year: Grad Gowns, Tassels, Sports Props, Flowers, Signs

Necessities to bring to your session!

These are some of the items we recommend you bring to your sessions

  1. Spare Bag - VERY IMPORTANT. Its always a good idea to bring a bag with all your items to stash and helps store the items you would have otherwise placed into your pockets
  2. Mirror
  3. Makeup
  4. Towel/Tissues
  5. Chapsticks
  6. Comb/Brush
  7. Hairspray
  8. Hair Ties/Hair Pins
  9. Lint Brush
  10. Safety Pins
  11. Comfy Shoes - especially if you are wearing heels, its a good idea to switch in between spots
  12. Water
  13. Bug Spray
  14. Props

Things to Keep in Mind!

  1. Your Final Payment is due 3 days prior to your photoshoot
  2. Arrive 10 Mins Prior to your shoot and be ready to start the session on time
  3. In your standard photoshoot we only remove items such as small blemishes or scratches. If there is anything else that's prominent that you would want the photographer to remove, please discuss with us during the shoot and point it out. We can not promise but we can try. We will not go out of the way to assume you would want something removed as we would respectfully not want to offend anyone if those are natural birth marks.
  4. Print Release - Please keep in mind that the print release provided to you is only for your use. Print release does not provide you with copyrights to the photos. Photos may only be used for your PERSONAL use only and may not be sold and/or provided to anyone for commercial/profit/contest without the photographers approval.