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If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us.

Please provide all the required details, and as much as you can provide. Lack of details will result in a delayed response.

Please note: We only offer photography only and DO NOT do videography.

Mini Sessions: This session is great for immediate families with older children or just one child, announcements, couples sessions and milestone sessions. Max 4 people. Full Session: This session is great for immediate families with multiple younger children, extended family members, maternity sessions and engagement sessions. Max 6 people.

For events, if there are multiple dates, please include in the details below. For photoshoot sessions, if you are open to discuss, please provide an estimate with details below on a timeline.

The time you would need us to start and end the day.

For Photoshoot Sessions, if you do not have a location in mind, please put TBD.

For multi-date events, please provide all the dates/timings/locations. If you are looking for pre-event portrait sessions, getting ready captures, etc., please provide all those details as well.

We understand that certain cultures/religions have events that are gender segregated. We would need to know this detail in advance prior to providing a quote.

Yes: If requesting to keep the gallery private and off of our social media/website/portfolio. This does not include portraits without faces, as we reserve the right to share those. There are fees that apply for non-usage. No: if you are ok with us utilizing the portraits for our social media/website/portfolio, without restrictions.